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About Us

Founded in 2009, SheSole is committed to producing beautiful, comfortable shoes for every occasion. Currently one of the top suppliers of quality wedding shoes in the world, SheSole offers gorgeous footwear for formal occasions, casual outings, and all other special events. Our designers diligently scour every corner of the globe in search of the latest fashion trends and manufacturing techniques. At SheSole our overarching goal is to provide quality craftsmanship and a superlative fit with each and every shoe we sell. Best of all, there's no middleman when buying from SheSole and this means that our customers are privy to tremendous savings through factory direct ordering.


What We Offer At SheSole


SheSole is the perfect footwear brand for weddings and all other special, formal occasions. We offer an expansive range of bridal shoes that include wedding flats, kitten heels, strappy ankle sandals, low sandals with synthetic gold embellishments, and more. For relaxed occasions, SheSole is the perfect supplier of Western-style cowboy boots with vintage embroidering. No matter what look you're hoping to create, you can rest assured that our designers have paid attention to even the finest of details to produce genuine looks that are truly unforgettable.


How SheSole Maintains Optimal Levels Of Quality And Affordable Prices


Unlike many other footwear brands, SheSole never compromises quality in favor of lower prices. Our shoes are affordable and accessible as the result of good planning and strategic choices. We're always careful to source durable, beautiful materials that are guaranteed to last. With careful management of our supply chain, we're able to eliminate unnecessary production costs from end to end so that our customers don't have to pay veritable fortunes in order to look amazing.


Timeless Footwear Fashions


The best options in both formal and casual footwear are truly timeless. At SheSole, we're proud to offer an expansive range of timeless designs with unique embellishments and upgrades that keep our customers on par with the latest trends. Not only are our designers present at the best-known fashion shows, but they also diligently comb through the latest looks at small-sized shops throughout the world. Nothing goes unnoticed by these seasoned professionals and this means that SheSole customers always have access to the hottest looks as well as a vast range of classic styles that never fail to please. You'll find something for every woman when shopping the SheSole brand.


Quality Control At Each Stage Of Development


Our manufacturing processes at SheSole include exceptional quality control at every stage of development. Our goal is to ensure that every shoe we sell is the perfect representation of the comfort, quality, and high-end aesthetics that we've come to be known for throughout the years. At SheSole, good just isn't good enough. We pride ourselves in producing truly exceptional footwear that you'll want to wear again and again. We understand that finding the perfect footwear is critical for putting together a stunning and truly unforgettable outfit. Whether shopping for your wedding ceremony, your reception, or a comfortable, beach vacation, you can find a variety of styles that will perfectly complement your attire and your lifestyle.


Shoes Are What We Do


Far too many footwear brands have branched out and expanded their focus to include accessories, outerwear and other goods that have little to do with shoe design. At SheSole, our sole focus is women's footwear. We make it a top priority to know everything that there is to know about this niche and to ensure that all of our products are on par with the latest consumer demands. Whether you want original looks, trending looks, or traditional footwear styles, you'll always find an exciting array of options to match your needs.


Helping Women Look And Feel Their Best


SheSole is all about helping women look and feel their best. With on-trend fashions, classic and enduring looks, quality materials, and expert craftsmanship, we go above and beyond to make our customers happy. Given that we cater to forward-thinking, fashionable women, we have a keen understanding of the nuances and needs of this niche. With extensive experience in the shoe design and shoe manufacturing industries, we also know what works and what doesn't. This allows us to produce footwear that women can look and feel their very best in. No matter what the occasion may be, SheSole can help you look truly fabulous from head to toe.



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